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Drinking Water Tanks & Water Towers


Dams & Hydroelectric Power Plants


Desalination Plants


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Hydropower plant - Calheta III (Madeira, Portugal) -
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Drinking water reservoir - Aigües Blanes (Barcelona, Spain) -
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Wastewater Treatment Tank - Poznan, (Poland) -
MasterSeal 7000 CR

Wastewater Treatment Tank - Storsätern, (Sweden) -
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Wastewater Treatment Plant - Fukushima (Japan) -
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Hydropower plant – Vuhred (Slovenia) -
MasterSeal M 689

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BIM Object Solutions for Water Management

Solutions for Biogas-Digesters

Solutions for biogas / digesters

Solutions for Settlement Tank

Solutions for settlement tanks

Solutions for Water Tanks

Solutions for water tanks

Solutions for Water Towers

Solutions for water towers

Solutions for Concrete Repair

Solutions for concrete repair

Our Services & Tools

Online Planning Tool (OPT)

With the Online Planning Tool, Master Builders Solutions® by MBCC Group has developed an innovative specification tool that not only helps construction professionals find the right solutions for their projects quickly and easily, but also adjusts flexibly to changing project requirements and provides crucial information along each step of the project-planning process. The Online Planning Tool is available in local languages in over ten European countries, as well as in English.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Virtual Design & Construction

Working closely with our customers and industry experts, the VDC Global Development Team at Master Builders Solutions is creating the digital content, training and collaboration tools to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the industry to unlock the full potential of VDC. Supporting the whole lifecycle of the building, from design, construction and management right through to deconstruction and recycling. 
Building Tomorrow. Together.

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Technical On-Site Service

Your concrete structures are constantly under attack from day 1. Regular inspections with competent partners to repair and protect will significantly increase the service life of any structure.

Master Builders Solutions offers a range of solutions and services that will guide owners through the inspection and repair process.

Our expert technicians provide an on-site analysis and design process. They evaluate specific project needs to combine single products into complete system solutions and support successful job completion.


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The online application to find the right product and best solution for your construction project in the food-and-beverage, chemical, and wastewater-engineering industries – easily, quickly and from anywhere. With Solunaut, we are continuously upgrading our digital offerings and invest in innovations.

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